• 1、Blank screen, no responding, even after I plug the cable to the computer or c

    To protect the environment and save energy, our product has a IDLE mode in which it shut down the display and sensor. To exit the IDLE mode, please press the <M> button and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. When it enter Normal work mode, the buzzer would beep for 3 times and the LCD would display current date time.

    If the aforesaid method doesn’t work for your situation, it is possible the battery has been run out. You could try to connect the cable to a computer or charger, the watch would reset itself and enter Normal work mode.

    If this solution still doesn’t work, please contact our custom service for further support.

  • 2、How to switch on the backlight?

    To be environmentally friend, our backlight policy is on-demand. The method to express that you need the backlight is to slightly tap the screen, unnecessary to be rude. The backlight would last for about 10 seconds.

  • 3、I have not uploaded data for some days. Today I connect it to my computer and

    The watch’s high density memory could hold 10days’ data sample. If you don’t upload the data after the limit has been reached, the watch would delete all the data and begin new cycle of process. So we suggest the user upload the data every 9days or less if they would like to retain the data

  • 4、My problem could not be resolved by the content above, how to request further

    For the benefit of our customers and the vision of ourselves, our products and services are always undergoing update. This FAQ certainly could not cover all the possible inconveniences our customers would encounter. So, whenever you has something about the product to ask, don’t hesitate to visit www.fitste.com to get our latest contact information.